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I’m guessing if you are here, you like to gamble. Maybe you used to frequent the casino, but as many have been shut this year, you are looking to gamble online instead? Or maybe you are new to the world of gambling, and see online games as a great introduction? If so, welcome!

What is GamblFans?

GamblFans is a gambling resource. We provide a database of British gambling games and casinos where you can win big! Our gambling catalog shows you plenty of big win casinos in the UK where you can play slots, roulette, and blackjack as well as plenty of casino games.

In our catalog, we give bonus codes for gambling sites and lots of opportunities to win money at our partners’ gambling games, sometimes with no deposit! All of our casinos are vetted by us and are safe and secure. If you use an online casino recommended in our catalog, you will be using a safe and high-quality gambling website.

Our research is methodical and thorough; we don’t quickly put lists together, our experts have assembled our database of high-quality casino recommendations of the best payout casinos in the UK. And, better still – they’re all casinos that we personally use ourselves!

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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Casinos

You may be wondering what the advantages and disadvantages of using an online casino compared to a real one are. Let’s take a look:

Benefits Of Online Casino Gambling

  • You can use them anywhere. This is perhaps the most significant advantage. While there are, of course, plenty of casinos around the world, online casinos mean that you can play at the same one wherever you are.
  • You can play anytime! Casinos do have excellent opening hours, but you can play anytime with online casinos. So, even if you are traveling and are in another country, you’ll be able to log into your favorite casino.
  • There is a huge range of choices because more casinos are available in the online world. This also brings the benefit that online casinos are suitable for all budgets. Some are even free!
  • You perhaps have more privacy and security than you do with an in-person casino.
  • Accessibility across devices. Play on your mobile, online, or on apps. If you play by phone, this adds to the mobility of casinos! There are generally IOS and Android apps for online casinos.
  • Win real money. You’ll get your earnings deposited into your bank account just after playing. What’s more, you can often try out the casino for free!

Disadvantages of Online Casinos

  • The lack of camaraderie. Because online casinos are all virtual, you don’t have the opportunity to socialize with people in person – this might mean that you are missing out on human interaction and networking. However, some excellent casino chat rooms can help virtual gamblers connect and make friends.
  • Less atmosphere. It is a valid comment that, because you don’t physically go to a place when gambling online, there is a lot less atmosphere than in physical casinos.
  • It could be more addictive. Ask any frequent gambler what they love about casinos, and while the rush of winning money will be up there, the atmosphere and the friendships will also be there. This helps some people to stop becoming addicted to gambling – which could potentially be more of an issue on gambling websites. While this would not be an issue for everybody, and plenty of people just play for fun, it is something that is worth considering.

Nonetheless, we think that online casinos and gambling games are a great thing to try, whether you are an avid gambler or a newbie, and we recommend you use the gambling sites in the UK online that we recommend at GamblFans. It’s fun and free at first – you can try it out with no commitment!

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